Morung Express
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About Morung Express

Opt for Morung Express to make your mark in the Educated Population of Nagaland

Morung Express is the only English daily circulated in the state of Nagaland and is quite popular among the educated, wealthy, professional youngsters of the state. It was established only about 10 years ago and has gained the respect and popularity of a 50 year old daily. Let us discover the reasons to advertise in this daily, published from Dimapur, Nagaland. 

Why advertise in Morung Express?

There are several reasons why your ad in Morung Express can be an effective and successful way to reach out to your target audience in Nagaland


Being the only English daily of the state, each and every educated household must be subscribing to this newspaper

Specific Target Audience

Since it targets the educated population within the age-group of 25-45 which also happens to have the highest purchasing power, your products/services are bound to get noticed and tested at least once

Influential Readership

It reaches out to quite an influential section of the population of Nagaland, which adds up to your brand image and awareness when advertised in Morung Express


Morung Express has primarily 2 major supplements which are published on a weekly basis:

Ad Bazaar: As the name suggests, this is like a tabloid pullout with primarily classified advertisements and a free personal ads section, to help advertisers with a low budget to reach out to their customers effectively. Ad Bazar is published every Friday and an excellent way to reach out to target audiences.

Impressions:Impressions is an excellent supplement released with the main newspaper every Saturday, as it contains news articles associated with the education, science and technology, art and living, photography and more, thereby making it a favourite read for several people.

Along with these supplements, advertisers can choose to get their ads released in the main pages of the Morung Express, be it Appointment ads, Obituary messages, public notifications, tender quotations, business and retail display ads.

Competitors of Morung Express

There may be several regional newspapers in the state of Nagaland, but the Morung Express being the only English daily of the region has an extra edge over all other dailies of the state.